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Our response to the Coronavirus pandemic

The good news is we are open for business. We continue to deliver our services whilst taking into account the Australian Government’s daily Social Distancing and Health advice. Our primary focus is on trying to strike a balance between the right of our clients to a continuity of service and the right of our staff to a safe working environment. Please keep yourself and those you care about safe and virus free.

Our commitment to eliminating discrimination

Our disability access and inclusion plan is registered with the Australian Human Rights Commission under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

About Disability Justice Australia

Disability Justice Australia Inc DJA provides advocacy support to people who have ongoing support needs as a result of disability

DJA is governed by a Board of Management comprised of elected persons from its general membership. It has been in existence since 1990 and is primarily funded by Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS)

DJA is also funded to provide NDIS appeal support to people with disabilities who live in one of the 5 Local Government areas in Victoria.


We can provide free of charge support to people with disabilities who have:

  • Been rejected as NDIS Participants and want to appeal the decision
  • Are not happy with part/s of their NDIS Plan and want to apply for an Internal Review
  • Are not happy with the outcome of the internal review and want to take the matter to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal

Contact us if you need help.

What we stand for

We believe in the Social Model of Disability by seeking to remove barriers for people with disability to access mainstream services and live an ordinary life without discrimination.

We are independent of all other services and free of conflicts of interest. There is no charge to use the service.


To be the leading provider of advocacy and support services for people with disabilities.

Mission statement

Enriching the lives of people with disabilities through innovative and person-centred solutions.